12 Tips To Choose The Best Bank in Jamaica

October 3, 2021
12 Tips To Choose The Best Bank in Jamaica

When it comes time to open a bank account in Jamaica, there are many things to consider. 

Some people choose larger commercial banks in the hopes that their money is safer while others prefer smaller regional institutions like Jamaica credit unions in the hope that they can develop a more personal connection with their banker. 

Either way, here are some important factors to consider when choosing your next bank here in Jamaica.

1) Interest Rates

The interest rate offered on your deposit accounts will play an important role in how much you earn on your investment. 

All else being equal, higher rates mean better returns so be sure to compare rates across various financial institutions before making your decision. 

A bank’s interest rates can have a direct impact on both your savings and checking accounts so you should read all of the fine print before signing any contracts. 

Find out about an account’s minimum deposit guidelines, how much you will be charged if you bounce a check or overdraw your account, and if there is a monthly maintenance fee for running the service. 

These fees may not seem like a big deal but they can add up over time to become a substantial sum if one does not keep careful track of their transactions.

As a general rule of thumb, savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs) offer higher rates than checking or money market accounts.

2) Minimum Balance Requirements

Most Jamaican banks require that you maintain a minimum balance over the course of each statement cycle in order to avoid paying fees. 

Banks will penalize these accounts with a monthly maintenance fee and, if they remain below the threshold for an extended period, may close the account. 

Be aware of these requirements before signing up for or opening a new bank account and try to choose one where the balance requirements are reasonable given your budget and other financial obligations.

3) Online Accessibility

More and more Jamaicans rely on their phones, tablets, laptops and other devices to not only perform daily tasks such as checking email but also to keep track of their finances. 

Consequently, it is becoming increasingly important that all modern financial institutions offer streamlined online banking capabilities in order to stay competitive. 

Be sure to investigate how accessible and functional a bank’s online banking is before making a final decision.

4) Direct Deposit Capabilities

Direct deposit has become the most common way to get your paycheck or government benefit deposited into your account. 

If you have chosen one of these types of deposits for transferring income, be sure that the institution from which you are choosing a bank offers direct deposit capability. 

Most Jamaican banks offer this service but not all of them do so it is important to check ahead of time before signing up for an account.

5) ATM Accessibility across the Jamaiacs and overseas

In an ever increasing digital world, it can be very frustrating if your bank does not offer ATM access both domestically and abroad since many retailers may not accept checks.

It is important to find a financial institution that has both local and international ATM access if needed in order to avoid unnecessary fees or inconveniences when trying to use your money.

6) Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are used for much more than just making phone calls these days, especially since many carriers offer unlimited texting and data plans. 

As such, it is important to choose a Jamaican bank with mobile apps (or at the very least, an app for their main website) so that you can check account balances quickly and transfer funds while on the go. 

This convenience will make it easier to keep track of your finances even while away from home or work.

7) Branch Locations

Though online banking has become increasingly popular in Jamiaca over the past few years, many people still prefer to make their transactions in person with a live teller. 

It is important to investigate how convenient it is for you personally to be able to access the banking institution’s branch locations. 

For example, if there are multiple branches located close to your place of work or home then this would likely be more convenient than having only one branch that you have to travel far out of your way to reach.

8) ATM Withdrawal Limits

Most Jamaican banks have daily withdrawal limits on their ATMs so before choosing where to open an account, determine whether these restrictions will pose any problems for your personal usage. 

Of course, this limit is meant as a security measure so one should not necessarily choose based solely on this factor but it is still something to be aware of before signing up.

9) Credit Score Requirements

Depending on the type of account you open, a bank may require that your credit score is above a certain threshold in order for them to accept you as a customer. 

Most Jamaican banks will open accounts with even those who have poor or nonexistent credit scores.

But there are some institutions that only look to serve customers with high credit ratings and no red flags on their file so it is important to investigate this possibility before filling out any application forms.

10) Online Reviews and Feedback

As with basically every company today, one should always do some research into what other people think about the institution from which they are choosing to bank with.

It is also worth checking how long the financial institution in question has been in business, especially if they are relatively new. 

While some banks fail it is often due to poor management and this may be a sign of future problems with the bank you have chosen so research can help you avoid these pitfalls down the road.

11) Investment Opportunities

Some banks give the option of opening additional financial services such as investing in stocks or commodities. 

For example, since recently many Jamaican banks have been offering the option to invest in the Jamaica Stock Market (JSE) easily from your main savings account.

If these opportunities are available to you then it might be worth your while to open an account with a bank that offers this type of support. 

As always, it is important to fully understand the risks involved before making any investments and make sure there are no hidden fees or penalties for withdrawing your money before you sign up. 

Otherwise, you might find yourself in dire financial straits due to unexpected charges when you are least expecting it.

12) Local Storefronts

Some banks have both online services as well as physical storefront locations which can be an excellent way to access their services for those who prefer doing things in person. 

Make sure to pick a bank with branch locations in places accessible by public transportation so that users do not have to drive in order to reach them. 

Though many people today rely exclusively on online banking services, it is still an important option for those who do not have access to computers or simply prefer more personalized service.

Use these tips to pick the best bank in Jamaica

No matter where your banking need is, there is bound to be a bank in Jamaica that suits your needs so take these factors into account when choosing one and it will likely lead to a rewarding experience with whichever institution you choose.

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