GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Jamaica: 5 Reasons You Need It

November 23, 2021
GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Jamaica 5 Reasons You Need It

Car theft is soaring in Jamaica.

From Kingston, Mandeville, Portmore to Montego Bay. It’s happening all over the island. If you’re a vehicle owner that doesn’t have a GPS tracker installed, you should be worried.

You literally can park your car at plaza, go do your business and come back to see a empty parking slot.

Even if you’re planning to buy a new vehicle getting a GPS installed should be the first order of business.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn 5 good reasons why you should get a GPS device for your car and answer some common questions relating vehicle tracking companies in Jamaica.

But what does a GPS tracker do and does it really work in Jamaica?

A GPS tracking device is a tiny gadget that’s secretly installed on your vehicle that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to pinpoint its location.

It doesn’t matter where in Jamaica, it will locate the vehicle.

Some GPS systems provides additional features such as monitoring the vehicle’s overall health and performance, tracking speed and other driving habits.

And even send you notifications if your car has been moved or tampered with.

5 Compelling Reasons To Get A GPS Tracking System in Jamaica

Lets look at some good reasons why a car tracker is an excellent investment, now that you have a basic understanding of what a vehicle tracking device can do.

1. You’ll know where you vehicle is all times

The main purpose of a GPS vehicle tracker is to provide it’s location.

This feature is very useful in a variety of scenarios from business to personal use. For example, if you go to a parking place and discover that your car has been towed, you can use your vehicle tracker to see whether it was removed by the authorities.

Maybe your spouse or teenager was supposed to return home an hour ago and you want to know where they are.

Always keep track of exactly where your car is with a GPS tracker.

2. Recover a stolen vehicle faster

100s of vehicle gets stolen in Jamaica each year.

Car thieves don’t even have to smash a window or hot-wire a car in many cases because some car owners leave their keys or key fob inside, making it an easy target.

But even when you have locked your car properly, they find ways to steal your vehicle.

When you have a GPS device on your vehicle it makes very easy for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) officers to find your vehicle fast.

However, if don’t a have a tracker installed, the chance of recovering your vehicle gets slimmer and slimmer as each hour goes by.

In fact, car thieves find ways to change to look of your car very fast to point it’s unrecognizable to you.

3. You’ll know if someone car is tampering with your vehicle

A sophisticated GPS tracker notifies you on your phone if the vehicle is moved, towed, or even bumped in the parking lot.

Allowing you to act promptly. You’ll be kept up to date no matter where you are. With a GPS system, you get alerts when your car is relocated, hauled, or damaged.

4. Monitor your car when someone else is driving it

Sometimes situations might come up where you need to have some else drive your vehicle.

Whether it’s a friend or relative, you want to keep tabs on the driving activity.

A GPS tracker will provide trip statistics that can help you keep track of where the car went throughout the day.

5. Get trip details and statistics

Vehicle tracking systems can offer trip information and statistics, such as the date and time a journey was started.

How far your vehicle was driven and average speed.

It can even monitor potentially hazardous behaviors like hard braking or fast acceleration. It can provide you with insight into your driving habits as well.

GPS Tracker FAQs

Have more queries regarding car trackers? Here are some commons questions about getting a GPS vehicle tracking in Jamaica.

What is the best GPS vehicle tracking system in Jamaica?

The ideal GPS tracker will go well beyond simply informing you where your car is.

You want a system like the one provided by Global GPS Tracking Jamaica that lets you keep track of your vehicle’s location using an in-app map. It warns you if it’s been tampered with, provide trip statistics, and monitor the condition of your car.

Should you try to install a GPS tracker on your car by yourself?

This should be done by a company that specializes in vehicle tracking systems.

If you want this to be done properly, don’t take shortcuts. Remember your vehicle is an asset therefore you must invest it’s security the right way.

Doing a botched job will come back to bite you later.

How much does a car GPS tracker cost in Jamaica?

The price of a GPS tracking system will be determined by its capabilities, but a high-quality real-time tracking system will cost around $29,000 – 45,000 JMD.

The price depends on what you need.

However, Global GPS Tracking Jamaica is one of the best and most affordable car tracking system providers in Jamaica.

They’re known for providing great GPS systems for businesses and personal use. On top of that, they have amazing customer service and support.

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