Norbrook Realty Jamaica Is Pumping US$75 Million Into Luxury Real Estate Projects

March 23, 2023

Norbrook Realty Limited (Norbrook), a real estate firm founded by Khary Robinson, has unveiled plans for three major development projects in Jamaica, creating over 250,000 square feet of luxury commercial and residential properties.

Norbrook will be investing over US$75 million in the projects, which include a commercial tower in Kingston and two luxury beachfront communities in Ocho Rios.

According to Khary Robinson, executive chairman of Norbrook Equity Partners, the company spent time and effort to understand the market and identify gaps before strategically accumulating parcels of land, forming partnerships with proven industry experts, and developing a unique product set for a niche market.

The first project, Bohio Villas, has already been sold out pre-construction, and is a luxury beach enclave in Mammee Bay with 14 villas and amenities, including a private beach, central pool, gym, spa, and greenspace for events.

The success of Bohio Villas led to Norbrook acquiring an adjoining 20 acres of beachfront to build a larger luxury oceanfront community called Banbou Cove Resort Residences.

In addition to luxury residential properties, Norbrook has also acquired 109 Old Hope Road and aims to erect an exclusive commercial tower, including retail on the ground floor, corporate offices, short-term rental luxury condos, and rooftop restaurants.

Norbrook is positioning itself as a leading provider in the luxury real estate market in Jamaica, and is eager to further its position with the amazing team of partners and consultants it has pulled together.

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