Looking For Solar Companies In Jamaica? 8 Things You Should Know

September 13, 2021
osolar Companies in Jamaica

Jamaica has a lot of sunshine which makes it perfect for solar energy.

That being said, there are some things you need to know before finding a solar company in Jamaica.

If you don’t know where to start, this guide will help you. 

There are so many solar companies in Jamaica who will tell you how great they are. 

But based on actual user reviews, not advertising material, it can be hard to find the best one for you.

So here are some tips that should help you when choosing a company:

1. Make sure that it is viable 

First off, before even thinking about buying any kind of solar equipment for your home, make sure it is in fact worth it in your area. 

Look up what percentage (generally at least 25%) of the sunshine hours per year your parish gets and compare this to the yearly energy consumption in kWh/m² (kilowatt-hours per square meter). 

This calculation will show you how many hours of sunshine your photovoltaic system will get in one year. 

If the resulting value is below 6,000, it is not worth getting a solar power system for your home.

2. Find which Jamaican solar company is more affordable but still does quality installations

Now that you have an idea if solar energy is worth it for your home, find out what kind of prices companies are offering. 

A word of warning, if a company promises something too good to be true, it probably is.

Go on google and search for solar companies in Jamaica, make a list of them and call them.

Contact at least five different companies to get prices for their services. An important tip is to never mention that you are looking for the best price.

Always act interested in buying their products but don’t be too pushy about buying right away.

Leave it open-ended by saying something like “If I decide to go ahead with this, when can I expect my system to arrive?”

3. Check for real customer reviews

Now comes the most crucial part: checking actual user reviews on these companies on Google reviews and Facebook reviews . 

This will give you an idea if they are trustworthy. 

If there are no reviews or very few, this suggests that the company is new and not well known. 

Don’t risk your money with a company you don’t know.

If they’re that good, they should have several customer reviews.

4. Make they’re using recognize brands for their installations

After narrowing down the list to three Jamaican solar installation companies who are offering good products at an affordable price, make sure they have high quality equipment coming from really reliable brands. 

It may also be smart to go with a company which offers several different products for energy needs other than solar power. 

This way there will be less space for disappointment if one product fails. 

Look for companies that offer services beyond just selling equipment. 

These should include installations, maintenance agreements and technical support 24/7 should anything fail on the system after it has been set up.

5. Make sure they have an actual physical address, not just a post-office box number

The chance of actually getting in touch with someone during a problem after the system has been installed is much lower if there is no physical address.

Also make sure they have a local phone number and an actual person to answer it.

6. Make sure they have insurance

Insurance is very important when dealing with high-value products which will be put in place on your property. 

Ask exactly what kind of coverage their insurance gives you in case something happens to the equipment or if it malfunctions in any way.

7. They must be reachable

Not only should they have a location and phone number but they must have at least an email, Facebook page or on Google maps.

8. Find out how long they have been in business and if they offer financing options such as leasing and installment plans. 

Most Jamaican homeowners do not have the necessary funds to buy a $JMD 2,500,000 solar power system upfront so this is where financing comes in.

If you can’t afford the whole sum immediately, at least this way you only pay per month. 

Also ask if there are penalty fees for early payoff of your loan. 

This is something many companies charge which makes it an even more costly mistake to try and save money by paying the total amount earlier than required.

Why Get Solar Panels For Your Jamaican Home

  • Using solar panels for your home can save energy by using natural resources of the sun to power appliances, air conditioning units, pool pumps and lighting systems.
  • Solar panels are very durable and last about 25 years without requiring much maintenance or replacement of equipment.
  • The initial cost of installing a panel system is offset by savings on electric bills in about five years. This means that you get nearly all the benefits with none of the risks of investing!
  • Solar panels reduce your carbon footprint by converting sunlight into electricity rather than using electricity generated from non-renewable sources such as coal and nuclear power plants.
  • You can sell back any excess energy that you generate during the day and receive compensation through your power company. In certain states, you can even receive credits on your power bill making the installation practically free!
  • Solar panels reduce the amount of acid rain-causing sulphur dioxide because it is a non-polluting energy source. It also reduces the amount of heat caused by sunlight which would normally heat up your home and cause air conditioning units to work more frequently or require replacement sooner.
  • After installation, make sure that their devices qualify for government subsidies or rebates . This varies from place to place but you will probably get at least 50% back in the form of a check after you have paid for it. This is pure money in your pocket which can go towards paying off your loan or simply be saved for later use!
  • You can never run out of power or have to worry about blackouts if attached to the grid. Also they are a good deterrent against power surges which damage appliances and electronic devices in your home. Investing in a solar panel system ensures that your home is ready for future investment in clean, green energy.
  • Using a renewable source of energy also has long-term environmental benefits such as reduced pollution, decreased greenhouse gases and even reduced soil erosion from flooding caused by heavy rains.
  • Solar panels will increase the value of your property, especially, when attached to new buildings or modern designs since it is aesthetically pleasing and makes homes more eco-friendly.

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