What To Do In Ocho Rios Jamaica (10 Things You’ll Never Forget)

July 28, 2022
List Of What To Do In Ocho Rios Jamaica

If you’re not sure what to do in ocho rios jamaica when you visit, you’re at the right place.

They’re so many amazing and unique things to do in Ocho Rios which is a good and bad thing. Remember, you’re only visiting Ocho Rios for a limited time therefore you want to expercice the best it has to offer.

Use this list and you’ll experience the best of the best in Ocho Rios.

Here’s What To Do In Ocho Rios Jamaica (10 Amazing Things)

What To Do In Ocho Rios Jamaica

1. Dunn’s River Falls

This is by far one of the most famous destination or spot in Jamaica. It’s one of Jamaica’s most photograph attractions. 

Dunns river falls Ocho Rios Jamaica

With the help of a guide, you can climb up the limestone tiers to the top of the falls, slide down the smooth sections of rock, and swim in the pool lagoons at the base. 

Cruise ship crowds flock here when the ships are near its port, so it’s best to time your visit around them. 

Make sure to bring a camera and wear water shoes. 

Please wear water shoes, highly recommended and appropriate clothing, as chances are you’ll come back. 

2. Blue Hole

The Alluring Blue Hole is a series of picturesque jungle pools fed by waterfalls in the lush mountains about a 25 minutes drive from Ocho Rios.

blue hole in ocho rios jamaica

Also known as Island Gully Falls or Secret Falls, this used to be off the main tourist track, but in recent years it’s become a lot more popular. The Alluring Blue Hole is typically less crowded than Dunes River Falls.

Several levels give amazing vantage points, but the higher you climb, the less people you’ll have to deal with. 

One of the most popular things to do here is climb over the slick rock above the pool, where you can play Tarzan on a rope swing and jump off into the turquoise. 

Water guides are recommended for safety. 

They’ll show and guide you the best places to swim and cross the river. However, if you don’t want to swim in the pools, you can visit the area on your own. 

It’s also a good idea to wear water shoes as well, as the rocks can be slippery. 

3. Dolphins Cove

Dolphins Cove is across the road from Duns River Falls in Ocho Rios. 

It’s a popular marine park offering up close critter encounters. The 5 acre property encompasses a natural cove where you can snorkel with stingrays or paddle around the glass bottom kayak surrounded by rainforest. 

It’s absolutely beautiful. 

However, the dolphin encounters are the highlight here. 

Visitors can get up close and personal with the dolphins, including the opportunity to hold and feed them. You can also swim with the dolphins and enjoy a dolphin kiss. 

In addition to dolphins, the facility has camels, sharks, iguanas, snakes, and tropical birds, which you can learn about on the Jungle Trail Walk.

Photos of your experience are available for an extra fee, of course. 

4. White River Tubing

This river is about 30 minutes drive from Ocho Rios. 

If you’re a nature lover you can relax on inner tubes and drift along the crystal clear river over gentle rapids. 

This is a soothing trip that the whole family can enjoy, and it’s a great way to unwind and enjoy the tropical scenery. 

Singing guides add to the fun, and bird watchers will enjoy looking for new species in the lush foliage fringing the river. 

The Ocho Rios White River Valley Tubing Safari is a fun way to get a taste of floating down the river. 

It’s a 90 minutes adventure that includes a round trip transportation from your hotel, experience guides and a safety briefing, and also refreshments. 

5. Ocho Rios Bay Beach

When you’re craving some sun, sand and sea just stake a spot on the well-groomed sands of Ocho Rios Bay beach.

It’s packed with activities and amenities. There’s even a buzzing stretch of the coast that might not be the peaceful, picture perfect beach of your dreams, but it’s a great place to sign up for some water sports, action or kickback on a sun lounger and do some people watching. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Ocho Rio sport, this popular stretch of coast is only a two minute walk away. 

You can see the cruise ships looming offshore. Looking for a great place to eat in Ocho Rios?

You’ll find plenty of restaurants lining the stretch, and if you’re up for something more active, you can book banana boat rides, tubing, parasailing and snorkeling equipment at huts along the beach. 

Tip: If you’re vegan and planning to also visit Montego Bay make sure to check these mouth-watering restaurants.

6. Mystic Mountain

If you’re looking for a tropical adrenaline rush, rainforest adventures, Mystic Mountain should be on your must do list. 

This amazing tourist attraction offers many different types of adventures. 

Start by ascending the mountain on the Sky Explorer, a chairlift perched high over the rainforest. 

Right at the top, you’ll enjoy memersing and breathtaking views of the cruise ship port and coastline below. 

From here, you can zoom down the mountain on the BobSled, a single person rollercoaster ride or fly through the rainforest canopy on the ziplines guided rain forest walks.

There’s even a rope course, climbing wall, ragamuffin thrill ride, and an infinity pool with a water slide around all of the fun. 

Here, you can even ride electric ATVs. Not sure which activity to choose? 

You can combine several of the attractions in a variety of packages, depending on your interest. Not sure about what to do in ocho rios jamaica? This is a safe bet!

7. Firefly Estate

On the hilltop where the pirate Henry Morgan used to keep lookout now sits firefly, the home and final resting place of playwright Sir Noel Coward.

The simple one bedroom home was built high on a hill above Coward’s original home, Blue Harbor, and his photos, paintings and pianos are still in place. 

But the highlight here is a spectacular view of the Jamaican coast from one of the best vanishing points on the entire island. 

8. Green Grotto Caves

Just about 35 minutes drive from Ocho Rios in Runaway Bay, the Green Grotto Caves are Jamaica’s best limestone caves on the island.

They were once used by Arawak Indians and were also the reputated hideaway of escaped slaves and Spanish settlers fleeing from the British. 

In more recent years, they were also used as a backdrop for a Bond movie. 

However, today they are home to bat and snakes. 

Guided tours share the history of the caves and show you the beautiful stalagmites as well as an underground lake. 

Be careful of slippery paths and also the many stairs might be a challenge for persons with physical disabilities. 

9. Konoco Falls

Konoco Falls and park offers a peaceful slice of nature and plenty of family friendly attractions. 

You’ll enjoy a safely guided stroll through the lushous botanical gardens, bursting with tropical blooms and dotted with koi ponds and small cool streams. 

The tours include a stop in the small museum where you can soak up some Jamaican history and learn all about the area’s original inhabitants. 

Kids and adults alike will love the mini zoo with many species of exotic birds, but the highlight here is the rocky ledges and the waterfall. 

For a fun photo op, don’t forget to bring your water shoes and camera. 

10. Shaw Park Gardens

High in the hills overlooking Ocho Rios and the caribbean, Shaw Park Gardens is a sanctuary for nature lovers. 

Within the 25 acre grounds, you can stroll through lush botanical gardens amplified by tropical blooms and lily top ponds. 

Many species of birds fly and rest in the trees, including Jamaica’s National Bird, the Doctor Bird, also called the Swallowtailed Hummingbird. 

Don’t forget the waterfall cascades through the gardens.

Now You Know What To Do In Ocho Rios Jamaica

Try to experience as much as you can before leaving Oco Rios. These places are perfect for creating family and romantic experiences that will last a lifetime.

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