7 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Montego Bay Jamaica

May 2, 2022

It’s not easy living as a Vegan in Jamaica.

However, over the last few years it has been getting easier. Vegan restaurants started popping across the island particularly in Montego Bay and some in Kinston as well.

Jamaica is a meat country, it’s a main part of our culture.

Go to any random restaurant and you can get Chicken, Mutton, Pork and Fish. That’s why when a plant-based restaurant starts operating they stand out.

If you’re a Vegan planning to visit Montego Bay Jamaica this list of restaurants won’t disappoint with their plant-based food offerings.

Let’s get started.

1. DLE Cafe

vegan burger in montego bay jamaica

Here’s what I love about this restaurant, they make an effort to know the customer.

If you’re a regular buyer, they make an effort to remember your food preferences. Hence next time when you call and just tell them your name and they’ll know exactly what you want.

They have all kind of Vegan meals from desserts to main courses.

As Jamaican, Ackee is a part of our national food so I always enjoy the Ackee wrap. One of my other favorites is the “Vegan Burgerlicious”. It’s very filling and really satisfies raging hunger.

They also have various types of Vegan smoothies from nutty almond to blueberry. If you plan on visiting this restaurant make sure to call and order before and they prepare the food from scratch, so it might take some time.

Location: Fairview Montego Bay

2. Mystic Thai

Another favorite. This is an Indian restaurant that offers amazing vegan options.

My favorite meal from Mystic Thai is the Chickpea Channa Masala with wrap, this will absolutely fill you up for hours. It’s very fibrous and rich in protein, plus you can have it extra spicy if that’s your preference.

If you feel for something crispy don’t forget to try their Veggie Pakora, made with various type of vegetables. If you want something sweet and sour try their stir fry vegetables.

Location: Fairview Montego Bay (On the same building as DLE cafe)

3. Abba’s Cuisine

One of the best vegan restaurants in Montego Bay. Some of my favorite plant-based options are the lentil delight, chickpeas Pumpkin, home style gungo peas soup and many more.

Whatever type of vegan food you can think of is probably made here.

Location: Lot 1 Bogue Industrial Estate, Montego Bay

4. Vegan Utopia

This vegan restaurant is pretty new but is doing pretty well with their food offerings. What I like is that you can make requests to what you want added.

My personal favorite is Vegan Pizza. The dough is made with Spelt flour which is the healthiest form of flour as it is unprocessed and has a lot of fiber.

If you’re in the mode for something sweet try the vegan chocolate cake, just make sure to call order before as it’s done to order.

Location: 24 Thompson St, Montego Bay

5. Millennium Victory

Another great plant-based restaurant in Montego bay that you should try.

Some of their dishes are ‘Ital’ which is influenced by the Rastarian culture. You can get dishes like Gungo peas stew, escovitch Tofu, Red Peas Stew and many more.

Location: 65 Barnett Street, Montego Bay

6. Island Grill

What I like about this restaurant is that they have their own unique combination of spices in all of their meals to create an authentic Jamaican flavor. 

They don’t really have a wide selection of vegan options but their veggie stew peas are really good. 

Island Grill serves up the best Jamaica has to offer with a culturally inspired menu. They have their own special BBQ and Jerk formula that makes the veggie stew peas delicious and exciting.

Location: Embassy Pl, Montego Bay (In front of Baywest Shopping Center)

7. Sugar Mill Restaurant

The Sugar Mill Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant. 

The team infuses international favorites with Jamaican ingredients to make spectacular culinary creations. Plus there, Sunday brunch is a very popular option among residents and visitors.

If you’re planning to try their vegan options just call ahead to make sure they serving plant-based options on that day as it varies.

Location: Half Moon Resort, Montego Bay JMAAA99 Jamaica

Bonus: Pier One

This is mostly a seafood restaurant very popular in Montego bay, that being said they will accommodate your vegan requests.

They have great vegan options like jerk tofu with sides of fries and a nice smoothie to wash it down. I would suggest calling them first to make sure they can accommodate what you want on the day you visit.

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