How To Pick The Best Airport Transfer in Jamaica (10 Tips)

September 25, 2021
How To Pick The Best Airport Transfer in Jamaica (10 Tips)

If you’re visiting the island and looking for the best airport transfer in Jamaica, this guide will help you pick the operator with confidence.

It can be overwhelming trying to find airport transfers, especially due to COVID-19 rules and regulations. 

To add to that, consider the hectic flight schedules, last-minute airline changes, and significant losses that little delays may cause. 

If you haven’t researched and booked a transfer before arriving at the airport you’ll might just end up going with any option, which isn’t ideal.

Just picking a random airport transfer service and as a result, your travel experience might be ruined. 

Sometimes, you might pay a high fee only to discover that their airport taxi is an unreliable car or that their driver has no experience. 

Here are some recommendations to help you avoid these problems when looking for an airport transport in Jamaica. 

They will assist you in making the best decisions and remaining as cautious, concerned, and vigilant as necessary.

Also, do not worry, even if you only have a limited amount of time, most Jamaican airport operators will allow you to book up to 24 hours ahead of your flight.

1. Select A Reputable Jamaican Airport Transfer Service

Whichever airport transfer service you use, it will positively or negatively impact your travel experience.

While there are many alternatives, not all providers are dependable.

Start by making a list of the top Jamaican airport transfer services you find on Google and doing an in-depth comparison. 

Check out the official websites and social media accounts of the companies. 

If they don’t have a website or some form of social media presence, that’s a red flag. If I can’t find them on Facebook or Google maps I wouldn’t choose that service.

Why? Because a serious business will make sure that they have a solid digital presence so that in case of anything I can find them online easily.

2. Ask for a quotation

First and foremost, make sure you get a quote for a fixed price before booking your airport transfer. 

Remember to ask if there is anything extra in the price, such as waiting costs, parking fees, or premiums for traveling at night. 

Verify that the price shown on the website or stated is the price you pay. 

There are no additional costs that will be charged to you as a result of this transaction. 

Ensure they’re clear about any hidden fees.

Let them give you a breakdown of every single charge in the quote. The last thing you want is hidden fees sneaking up on you.

3. If possible try to book online

Book ahead of time by preregistering online to ensure availability and keep track of the reservation. 

Make sure you receive a booking confirmation from the airport transfer operator. 

You should have a paper trail in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Make sure you received a booking confirmation voucher with all of the transfer information.

4. Provide all critical information

Make sure to communicate crucial information about your trip as much as possible. 

The following details should be included in an excellent online booking form: number of travelers, pickup and drop-off addresses, a contact phone number, terminal information, flight numbers, and any special instructions.

5. Confirm the date

It’s simple to make a mistake, and you may get confused about the arrival date and/or time because of the time zone differences. 

To avoid any clash with the plan, double-check the hour and date of your arrival. 

Keep your selected airport transfer service informed, too, in case the planned flight is delayed or canceled.

6. Use a meet and greet service

If you are traveling through Sangster or Norman Manley airport, it is preferable to use a meet and greet service. 

While the driver can help with your luggage, you will be able to get a coffee or use the restroom before leaving on your journey.

Furthermore, a covered and highly experienced driver is aware of the parking rules.

They will be able to get there and park significantly faster, allowing you to go on with the following step in your journey.

7. Turn on your phone upon arrival

If you want to ensure that your Jamaican airport transfer service can contact you in the event of delays or other issues, providing your mobile phone number is a fantastic method to do so.

Having a means of direct communication makes the procedure much less difficult and stressful. 

Ensure that your phone is on as soon as possible once you touch down so they may contact you if anything arises.

8. Choose the ideal vehicle

Nowadays, most Jamaican airport transportation companies provide a range of vehicles. 

Vans, sedans, limos, personal automobiles, and SUVs are standard among most companies.

Consider the amount of luggage your party will be carrying in addition to the number of passengers.

Also, bear in mind that many transportation providers have temporarily halted shared ride options as a result of COVID-19.

9. Do communicate with your driver

If you forgot to pick up something to eat, ask the driver to make a brief pit-stop at a food outlet or restaurant so that you may get something to eat while stretching your legs. 

This is the distinction between an excellent airport transfer and a taxi service.

10. Give them feedback (Not disrespectfully)

Don’t forget to give them feedback if you appreciated the service you received, or if there was anything else that could be improved. 

A respectable company will value your time in providing them with a positive or negative review of the service.

Use this checklist when looking for the best airport transfer in Jamaica

Don’t overthink it, just follow the recommendations above and you will end up selecting a great airport transport whether you’re arriving at Sangster or Norman Manley International Airport.

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