Jamaican Companies Encouraged To Provide More Training Opportunities For Locals

March 28, 2023

The Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Aubyn Hill, recently called on local companies to step up their game and train more Jamaicans. There are about 300/400,000 young people in Jamaica, mostly young men, who need proper training to get ahead in life. And our local companies have a responsibility to provide that training.

Minister Hill rightly pointed out that if we don’t train and look after our young people, it could have severe implications. We need to invest in them, nurture their talents, and prepare them for the future.

To encourage training among citizens, the government has announced the removal of fees for HEART-NSTA Trust courses up to Level IV (associate degree). It’s a significant step towards achieving the government’s objective of an enabling business environment in Jamaica.

And that’s not all. The Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority (JSEZA) has opened its first physical Business Accelerator Centre (BAC) at Kingston Wharves Limited.

It’s a fantastic initiative that will allow companies to access efficient and expedited support services, ensuring they complete their operations in the most accurate and time-efficient manner.

The JSEZA’s interim CEO, Kelli-Dawn Hamilton, has reiterated the authority’s primary goals of training Jamaicans, growing investments in the country, and creating an enabling business environment.

And with the establishment of a BAC, they will be able to help their partners grow their businesses by providing additional services.

In short, we need to train more Jamaicans and invest in their future. The government and the private sector need to work together to create an enabling business environment that benefits everyone. And initiatives like the JSEZA’s Business Accelerator Centre are a step in the right direction.

Source: Jamaica Information Service (JIS)

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